Syrup Mixer

Control steam-heated vats to heat and mix syrup ingredients.

What does a Syrup Mixer do?

Controls steam-heated vats to heat and mix syrup ingredients, according to formula: Computes and weighs specified amounts of ingredients, such as corn, beet, and cane syrups and flavoring, and directs SYRUP-MIXER ASSISTANT to dump ingredients into mixing vats. Starts pumps and agitators to admit steam into heating coils and transfer ingredients to vat filled with measured amount of corn syrup. Reads thermometers and turns steam valve to maintain mixture at specified temperature. Collects sample of syrup and tests to determine specific gravity, using hydrometer. Starts pumps to transfer batch to storage tanks. Inspects vats after cleaning by SYRUP-MIXER ASSISTANT to ensure that fermentable residue is removed. May clean vats.