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Syrup Maker

Tend equipment to mix ingredients that produce syrups.

What does a Syrup Maker do?

Tends equipment to mix ingredients that produce syrups used in canned fruits and preserves, flavorings, frozen novelty confections, or non-alcoholic beverages: Determines amounts of ingredients, such as sugar, water, and flavoring, required for specified quantity of syrup of designated specific gravity, using sugar concentration and dilution charts. Opens valve to admit liquid sugar and water into mixer, or dumps crystalline sugar into mixer and admits water. Adds flavoring ingredients and starts mixer to make syrup. Opens valve to admit steam into jacket of mixer to invert sugar, eliminate air, and sterilize syrup. Tests syrup for sugar content, using hydrometer or refractometer. Pumps syrup to storage tank. May filter syrup to remove impurities and be designated Syrup Filterer. May blend raw syrups and be designated Syrup Blender.