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Syrup Maker Cook

Operate equipment to mix and cook ingredients to produce flavoring syrup.

What does a Syrup Maker Cook do?

Operates equipment to mix and cook ingredients to produce flavoring extracts and syrup: Scans formula sheet to determine proportion of ingredients required, such as sugar, water, and flavoring. Pushes buttons to admit automatically metered ingredients into blending tank and to activate mixer. Observes mixture to ensure that color and consistency conform to company specifications. Pushes buttons to pump mixture to cooking kettle. Opens valves to admit steam into pressure cooker to invert sugar, eliminate air, and sterilize syrup. Observes gauges and adjusts valves to regulate temperature and pressure while cooking mixture. Presses switch to activate paddles to stir mixture and prevent scorching. Tests batch to determine viscosity or specific gravity and sugar content, using viscometer, hydrometer, and refractometer. Presses switches to activate equipment to filter impurities and pump syrup into holding tanks. Maintains production records.