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Synthetic Staple Extruder

Tend machines that form continuous synthetic filaments from liquid polymer.

What does a Synthetic Staple Extruder do?

Tends machines that form continuous synthetic filaments from liquid polymer and lay tow in cans according to specified pattern: Installs pack into machine, using handtools, and turns lever to activate metering pump which controls amount of polymer extruded through pack. Catches extruded filaments in compressed-air gun and threads filaments through guides to capstans. Separates filaments at spinnerette, by hand, inserts cooling tube into spinnerette, and pushes lever to force air through tube to cool filaments. Guides tow over capstans and into device that lays tow into cans according to specified pattern. Observes machine operation, panelboard, gauges, and rotameter to detect machine malfunction. Turns valves and levers to adjust machines as necessary. Cuts windup from capstan. Notifies Polymer Department, using telephone, when color of polymer is not according to specifications.