Synthetic Soil Blocks Pulper

Operate hydropulpers and batch reactors.

What does a Synthetic Soil Blocks Pulper do?

Operates hydropulper and batch reactor to blend woodpulp, plastic binders, and liquid fertilizers into slurry for use in molding synthetic soil blocks: Fills hydropulper tank with water, adds woodpulp and measured amounts of chemicals, and starts agitator. Observes and records temperature, pressure, and time interval of agitation cycle. Pumps cooled pulp slurry to reactor tank and flushes hydropulper tank with water. Starts reactor, adjusts temperature and pressure controls, and adds measured amounts of liquid fertilizers and plastic binders. Tests acidity of solution by titration and adds ingredients as needed to attain prescribed level. Pumps mixed slurry to storage tank for further processing. Flushes reactor tank with water.