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Switchgear Repairer

Repair defects in electrical apparatus.

What does a Switchgear Repairer do?

Repairs defects in electrical apparatus, such as relays and crossbar switches, used in protection, communication, and control devices: Verifies defects, such as burred screws, damaged coils, bent contacts, incorrect stampings, and misassembled parts indicated by inspection ticket. Disassembles apparatus to replace or relocate parts. Bends parts of apparatus, such as contacts and springs, using handtools to correct alignment, straightness, clearance, and tension defects, and verifies corrections, using gauges. Corrects wrong or illegible stampings, using inked hand stamp. May use equipment to test repaired apparatus for electrical characteristics, such as continuity, resistance, and grounds. May repair wiring defects, such as loose connections and misconnected wires, using soldering iron or wire-wrapping gun. May be designated according to apparatus repaired as Crossbar-Switch Repairer; Relay Repairer; Telephone-Switch Repairer.