Swimming Pool Cleaner

Keep pools clean and sanitary with chemicals and elbow grease.

What does a Swimming Pool Cleaner do?

A swimming pool can be a private oasis, full of sparkling, cool water that’s so inviting on a hot day. But it can also be a brackish, smelly pit, full of nasty water and algae. Swimming Pool Cleaners make sure it’s always the former instead of the latter. Swimming Pool Cleaners see to it that the pool stays clean, the water stays clear, and the filth isn’t given the opportunity to grow and take over.

Starting at the surface and working down is often the best way to clean a pool. Using a large scoop and a significant amount of leg and back power, you – a Swimming Pool Cleaner – remove leaves and detritus from the surface of the water and place them in a bag for disposal. Some leaves grow heavy and sink to the bottom of the pool. Using a vacuum and a lot of patience, you suck up this debris.

The sides of pools can turn white or green. You use a scrub brush to remove the dirt from the tiles and bring back their original color. This can be a time-consuming process, and you’re allowed to whistle as you work.

The water itself contains chemicals, which must be tightly controlled. You test the water first to determine what chemicals are lacking, and then you add those chemicals.

At the end of the swimming season, you’re very popular as your clients will want their pools drained and cleaned. Sometimes, you take down diving boards and ladders so the inattentive won’t dive into the empty pool. Placing a tarp over the empty pool also helps. When summer rolls around again, you remove the tarp, replace the ladders, and fill the pool with treated water.