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Swimming Coach



Coach pro swimmers to greatness with experience and specific drills.

What does a Swimming Coach do?

Though fish make it look easy, the truth is swimming is a difficult sport. It’s even more difficult for a Professional Athlete trying to make it to the top to win money, sponsorship, or an Olympic gold. When trying to be the best, water-inclined Athletes turn to a Swimming Coach to help them improve.

As a professional Swimming Coach, you work with elite Athletes to help them become the best of the best. In order to achieve this lofty goal, you need to be really in tune with your Swimmer. Swimming is an individual sport, which means what works for one person won’t work for everyone. Knowing the weaknesses and motivations of each Athlete you work with is extremely important to being a good Swimming Coach.

You create your training regimen based on what you think needs improvement. For one Swimmer, you might concentrate on form, while for another, you might use speed drills to improve times. You also determine what drills to do based on a Swimmer’s chosen event. For example, the coaching you give for freestyle is very different from what you give for breaststroke or a team relay.

Through practice is important, time off is equally so. When not watching them in the pool, you organize your Athletes’ schedules so they get enough rest and see medical professionals, like Nutritionists or Physical Therapists. As a Swimming Coach, you’re also expected to handle some administrative tasks, like connecting with sponsors or filling out the necessary paperwork for major swim meets.

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