Swim Coach

Manage all levels of swimmers and get them in-shape for the meets.

What does a Swim Coach do?

A Swim Coach manages a swim team. To the Swim Coach, the pool is an arena, not just a place to take a dip on a hot summer day. There, you train people to become competitive – not just recreational – Swimmers. It’s your responsibility as a Swim Coach to ensure that they’re ready to stroke their way to victory, and that they have the tools to do it.

Depending on the abilities of the Swimmers you take under your wing, you may do anything from teaching the basics of the backstroke or doggie paddle, to coaching Olympic-quality Swimmers. Regardless of the proficiency level of your Swimmers, though, it’s your responsibility to keep everyone safe in the water by regularly inspecting the equipment used, and approving or requesting replacements when needed.

You’re also expected to coordinate swim competitions with other groups, so get your organizational skills ready. For example, if your swim team has a competition with a rival group and a third team wants to be included, it’s up you and your fellow Coaches to find a day that works. This can be a headache at times, but mostly, you’re more than happy to schedule around the next football game on television.

You may also act as the leader of your organization, answering questions by phone or email, writing blog posts to raise awareness, and fundraising to keep your program alive and well.

The expertise you provide extends beyond the pool as well. When you demonstrate the principles of good sportsmanship whether you win or lose, you prepare your Swimmers for challenges in all areas of their lives – not just in the pool.