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Sweep Molder

Make molds, using sweep method.

What does a Sweep Molder do?

Makes molds, using sweep method which is adaptable only in cases where required casting is symmetrical: Assembles drag, flask, bottom plate, and spindle. Shovel sand into flask, and compacts it by hand ramming. Attaches sweep and rotates it about spindle, until mold impression is swept to desired shape. Places cope flask on drag, and shovels and compacts sand over drag mold which serves as pattern for cope mold. Removes cope mold. Scrapes drag mold with smaller sweep to reduce size of mold. Smooths and shapes mold surface, using slick and trowel. Assembles mold sections for pouring. When making parts of large floor or pit mold, usually rectangular in shape, with sides parallel and same impressions running full length of part of mold, draws sweep back and forth along guides to scrape out desired impressions.