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Swatch Checker

Inspect sample cloth swatches for weaving defects.

What does a Swatch Checker do?

Inspects sample cloth swatches for weaving defects and adjusts setup of loom, using knowledge of weaving, to correct cause of defects: Examines loom to detect mistakes in setup, such as defective drawing-in, filling, and warp. Compares swatch of first woven cloth with standard swatch, using pick counter and flashlight equipped with magnifying lens, to detect defects in style, yarn, weaving, or color. Determines adjustments needed to correct defects and makes adjustments or notifies LOOM FIXER. Examines swatch from cloth woven after adjustments. Records number of swatches examined and defects detected. May boil swatch to remove size to permit examination of threads. May dye swatch or have swatch dyed to ascertain dye retention of threads and to detect weaving defects. May test warp tensions, using tensiometer.