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Swaging Machine Operator

Tend a battery of swaging machines that form wires into bullets.

What does a Swaging Machine Operator do?

Tends battery of automatic swaging machines that form lead wire or slugs into bullets or cores for jacketed bullets: Threads lead wire from reel over takeup pulleys and through feed mechanism and between forming wheels, or fills machine hopper with cylindrical lead slugs. Starts machine and observes feeding, forming, and ejecting mechanisms to detect malfunction. Examines finished pieces for malformation and scratches. Verifies weight, contour, and dimensions, using balance scale and fixed gauges. Mixes oil and kerosene in prescribed proportion and fills machine wells to lubricate lead wire or slugs. Notifies SWAGING-MACHINE ADJUSTER of machine malfunction. May make minor adjustments, such as replacing worn dies, using handtools.