Sustainable Food Advocate

Encourage consumers to eat healthy meals that don't harm the environment.

What does a Sustainable Food Advocate do?

Grocery store shelves are lined with myriad food choices. Boxed, canned, processed, and frozen goods make throwing together a meal a quick and convenient venture. But, convenience comes at a price. Not only can it cost more, but the foods often include ingredients that are harmful to our bodies, too.

In addition, the creation and packaging of those foods cause pollution and damage to the environment. Knowing all of this, Sustainable Food Advocates work to spread the message about organic food and environmentally friendly food systems.

Many people don’t realize that the food they purchase and consume may be full of pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, and antibiotics. Not only are these practices dangerous to the body, but they also promote pollution and climate change. By paying closer attention, asking questions, and reading labels, any shopper can become an agent for change.

That’s where the Sustainable Food Advocate comes in. When you’re a Sustainable Food Advocate, not only do you inform individuals through community events, conventions, and other speaking engagements, but you also offer consultation to Growers, Producers, Farmers, and Business Owners. You may advise them about how they can reduce their effect on water and air pollution, how to market and sell locally, and how to promote organic products. On a larger scale, you may work in politics, lobbying for or advising about changes to food industry policies or agricultural regulations.

As a Sustainable Food Advocate, you’re passionate about what winds up on your plate. Your goal is to share that passion-and your wealth of information-with other people so that they can make informed choices that benefit the planet and its inhabitants.