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Sustainable Communities Designer

Build eco-friendly elements into the designs of communities.

What does a Sustainable Communities Designer do?

Sustainable communities design is a relatively new field, and the Sustainable Communities Designer in this arena needs to be forward-thinking and resourceful. So, what’s a sustainable community? It’s a group of citizens and institutions that are engaged in and geared towards creating a sustainable environment for themselves and the future.

A Sustainable Communities Designer works with Scientists, Economists, and Politicians in order to create sustainable developments tailored to each community. If you’re a Sustainable Communities Designer, you take into account many different factors, starting with the amount of space you’re working with. The scale of your project determines the elements you can include.

If you’re designing a community that has a heavy emphasis on residential living, for example, you focus on solar energy, “green” landscaping, recycled building materials, low-flow appliances, and other energy-saving avenues. In commercial areas, on the other hand, you take into account the sustainability of electric cars by providing plug-in stations. State-of-the-art recycling centers and green transportation can also be provided. You’re attempting to create a model of sustainable living, which takes into account all aspects of life, including a walkable distance to schools, jobs, retail shops, and restaurants.

Sustainable communities don’t have to be created from scratch; they can also be developed over time by reworking existing systems. You can even lay out the plan years in advance.