Surveyor Helper

Perform duties to assist in surveying lands.

What does a Surveyor Helper do?

Performs any of following duties to assist in surveying land: Holds level or stadia rod at designated points to assist in determining elevations and laying out stakes for mapmaking, construction, mining, land, and other surveys. Calls out reading or writes station number and reading in notebook. Marks points of measurement with elevation, station number, or other identifying mark. Measures distance between survey points, using steel or cloth tape or surveyor’s chain. Marks measuring points with keel, paint sticks, scratches, tacks, or stakes. Places stakes at designated points and drives them into ground at specified elevation, using hammer or hatchet. Cuts and clears brush and trees from line of survey, using brush hook, knife, ax, or other cutting tools. May perform duties as directed by LAND SURVEYOR or SURVEYOR ASSISTANT, INSTRUMENTS. May perform one operation and be designated Brush Clearer, Surveying; Staker, Surveying; Surveyor Helper, Chain; Surveyor Helper, Rod.