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Survey Writer

Formulate survey questions.

What does a Survey Writer do?

What was the first piece of clothing you bought from this store? How did you feel about the customer service? Where do you see this store advertised?

You’ve probably answered questions like these before when you made a purchase or visited a favorite website. These questions are the handiwork of a Survey Writer. Survey Writers create surveys that get information from customers about their experience with a company. The company takes the answers from your surveys, and applies them to their marketing campaigns, customer service training, and product purchases.

If you’re a Survey Writer, then, the information your survey brings in is pretty important to a company. Direct client feedback is the fastest way a business can find out if they’re falling short in one area, or if they have to try something different in another. You can create surveys for any type of company. You might even make them for your own if you’re a freelance worker. The important thing to remember is to keep your surveys broad, but also specific to the type of work your client does. For example, an ad company might hire you to find out if they’re playing the right kind of ads during sports games. You watch the game in question, as well as the ads that are being played, and then create a survey that would let the company know how effective their ads were.