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Survey Technician

Gather accurate measurements of land, water and airspace for development.

What does a Survey Technician do?

Before a piece of land can be sold for development, its exact size and dimensions need to be known. Survey Technicians are the ones who do the measuring. A Survey Technician determines where the land-or water or airspace, as the case may be-begins and ends. Aside from designating boundaries, Survey Technicians also make a note of the landscape features.

The work you do in this position has a lot of uses. With the information you gather, Realtors and Real Estate Agents can define pieces of property for sale, Lawyers are able to argue cases in court, and construction companies can decide where to build bridges.

In addition to these traditional uses, the boundaries you draw are used to establish airspace over an airport, find the proper location to build a sewer system, or pick the right spot to drill an offshore oil well. You also help create maps and property lines that determine who the owner of a piece of land is and what can happen on it.

In this position, you act as the helper on a job site. When you and a Surveyor go to a site to measure a piece of land, you’re the one who carries the equipment and takes notes. You enter the information you find into specialized computer programs, and keep track of the facts.

You might also move plants that are getting in the way of the work, make drawings of the site, or move the equipment as needed. You may not be top dog, but there’s room for advancement. This is often a job that people use as a stepping stone to a managerial role.