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Survey Rodman

Hold instruments to help Surveyors map land and mark boundaries.

What does a Survey Rodman do?

A Survey Rodman holds instruments for a Surveyor – a person who maps the earth’s surface – while measurements are made at a construction site.

If you’re a Survey Rodman, you’re a cog on a team hired to collect data about a particular piece of land. Precision tools like GPS are used to get the job done. Your work as a Survey Rodman helps mark legal boundaries and inform construction efforts.

If you want to be good at your job, math should be a strong suit. And that chicken scratch won’t cut it anymore. Good handwriting is vital if accurate measurements are to be made.

About half of your time is spent outdoors across different terrain. Supervisors expect you to work in good weather and bad, travel extensively, and haul tools around the job site. The rest of your tasks can be performed in a more traditional office setting. Computer software takes the data you’ve captured, and generates maps and charts.

Your work may be more physically demanding than jobs in other fields, but you’ll enjoy a nice change of pace from the oppressive glare of a computer screen. If you enjoy math and the outdoors, this may be your calling.