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Survey Party Chief

Lead a team of Surveyors as they map out information.

What does a Survey Party Chief do?

Surveyors are often spotted on street corners, donning bright orange vests and construction hats, and peering through leveling instruments seated atop large yellow tripods. A Survey Party Chief leads a team of these professionals as they collect information about a particular plot of land.

If you’re a Survey Party Chief, your work defines boundary lines and helps ensure that a variety of projects (residential, roadways, bridges, etc.) are done right. Global Positioning System enables you to manage different types of land-survey projects. Being technologically savvy comes in handy in the job of Survey Party Chief, particularly when the need to calibrate your gear arises.

In the field, you gather data, make sketches, perform complex calculations, and ensure accuracy. Your reports and notes are well organized and legible.

Some projects require navigating treacherous terrain by foot, often while carrying gear weighing in excess of 50 pounds. The project is completed regardless of weather conditions. Expect nontraditional hours and work that requires traveling.

Effective leadership skills and high standards are an absolute must in this managerial role. Strong communication skills are also needed. Some projects get messy. They require getting down and dirty, driving stakes into the ground, clearing vegetation, and performing other physically demanding tasks.

Survey Party Chiefs spend a great deal of time outdoors and aren’t known to stare longingly out

the office window on a warm summer day. The pay is pretty good, too.