Surveillance Agent

Monitor casinos for cheating and make sure regulations are followed.

What does a Surveillance Agent do?

The Surveillance Agent has a special place in the world of casinos-unseen but all-seeing, everywhere and nowhere. You’re the eyes and ears of the casino bosses, but also of the gaming laws and regulations of your state. Armed with your sharp eyes, keen wits, and knowledge of security and gaming policies, you monitor the casino and all gaming and cash interactions. To keep an eye on everything, you use technology ranging from the latest cameras and computers to simple one-way mirrors.

A Surveillance Agent needs to have a strong dedication to law and order, as well as an in-depth knowledge of all the different games taking place in the casino. Watching for theft, cheating, or irregularity of any kind is your main task. This can come from visitors or staff members, so there are times when Surveillance Agents need to make difficult decisions. Having to escort a former coworker or a resistant guest from the premises due to cheating isn’t fun, but it’s part of the job.

Your tasks vary every day. You get to know the entire casino as few people ever do, by monitoring different gaming sections from behind the scenes. Between you and your team of security professionals, nothing goes unnoticed in that casino. Be prepared to take orders, use good judgment when dealing with security breaches, and adjust to changing conditions on the fly.