Surgical Technologist

Oversee surgical equipment as a certified professional.

What does a Surgical Technologist do?

Surgical Technologists spend the day in the operating room, making sure that the room and all the tools in it are sterilized, and that the Surgeon has everything they need to perform their work properly.

As a Surgical Technologist, you prepare the operating room for surgery by placing wraps on the table, pulling tools into the room, unwrapping them from their protective gear, and making sure the lights are all working properly. You then leave the operating room and prepare the patient for surgery by shaving the area that will be operated on and scrubbing it with disinfectant. You may also help place the patient on the operating table.

As the Surgeon and Nurses prepare to enter the operating room, you help them pull on their gowns, hairnets, and gloves. During the surgery, you hand the Surgeon tools when requested. You may become so skilled that you’ll know just what tool the Surgeon will need before you’re even asked to fetch it. Under the direction of the Surgeon, you may operate suction machines, lights, or sterilizers.

After the surgery, you remove the tools from the operating room. You may also help disinfect the room before the next surgery begins.

As a Surgical Technologist, you’ll likely wear scrubs, hairnet, and gloves all day long. The upside is you don’t have to spend hours fixing your hair or choosing your outfit before going to work, which means you can steal an extra half hour of sleep each morning.