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Surgical Forceps Fabricator

Perform tasks to fabricate radio-frequency cauterizing surgical forceps.

What does a Surgical Forceps Fabricator do?

Performs any combination of following tasks to fabricate radio-frequency cauterizing surgical forceps, according to written instructions: Cuts and strips coaxial wire and solders wire ends to plug terminals and forceps contacts. Applies bonding agent to metal surfaces requiring plastic insulation coating, using brush. Places plug terminals into mold, bolts mold together, and clamps mold in vise. Injects liquid plastic into mold, using hand-operated pressure gun. Dips forceps into liquid plastic and hangs forceps on stand to drain. Places plug molds and dipped forceps into oven for specified time to cure plastic insulation. Inspects plastic insulation for bubbles and uniformity of thickness. Tests cured plugs and forceps for continuity, using ohmmeter. Trims plastic flash from plugs and forceps, using knife. Plugs forceps into radio-frequency generator and passes forceps along metal grounding plate to test for insulation leaks indicated by sparking. Applies electroplating solution onto contact points of forceps, using battery-powered plating paddle. Fabricates parts, such as plug pins, insulating collars, and fittings for assembly, using handtools, such as wire brush, pliers, drill press, and jeweler’s lathe. Weighs and mixes ingredients for plastic compound.