Surgical Coordinator

Perform administrative duties at a surgical clinic.

What does a Surgical Coordinator do?

Surgeons are experts at cutting people open and fixing problems they find. They aren’t so skilled, however, at scheduling appointments and taking payments. The job of a Surgical Coordinator is to take over those tasks so the Surgeon can focus on the work that he or she does best.

If you’re a Surgical Coordinator, you spend much of your day on the telephone, scheduling appointments for some clients and calling others to remind them of their upcoming sessions. You also reschedule clients if they call to report a conflict with an appointment already on the books.

When a new client comes to see your Surgeon, you give them paperwork to fill out. You verify their insurance information and put their chart together. Then you notify the Surgeon that the client is in the office and ready for the appointment.

At the end of the consultation, you schedule any follow-up appointments as directed by the Surgeon. You may also schedule the client’s surgery itself. Many clients feel incredibly nervous about the surgery, so you attempt to reassure them without promising anything your Surgeon can’t deliver. Promising them that tumors will be completely eradicated, for example, will get you in big trouble with your boss.

When the client has left, you file their chart in the appropriate place. In some offices, Surgical Coordinators also pull together the client’s bill and send it to the insurance company. Additionally, you may send reports from the Surgeon to the client’s Doctor.