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Surface Fabricator

Manufacture and install marble or stone floors and counter tops.

What does a Surface Fabricator do?

A Surface Fabricator is a specialized Carpenter who’s skilled in handling stones. Specifically, Surface Fabricators manufacture and install surfaces-mainly floors and countertops-in homes and buildings. They’re in charge of drafting the design, cutting the material, and installing it in a visually pleasing manner.

If you like working with your hands, this is a great way to use your talent to make homes beautiful through the art of surface fabrication. If you’re a Surface Fabricator, your work is hard, physically and mentally. It’s a plus if math was your strength in high school, because drafting requires precise measurement. It takes experience and a grasp of depth and measurements to read and understand blueprints, and draw them in such a way that others can follow them.

Granite and other decorative surfaces are often heavy, so be prepared to work up a sweat when you install them. You spend a lot of time in the shop, cutting and treating the surfaces that you later install.

Not all your work involves installation, however, as this career also requires an understanding of interior design. While your work depends on the demands in the market for houses and counters, never fear! Your skill is invaluable, and working with granite, quartz, and other materials is an expertise that never quite goes out of fashion.

In the end, you’re a Customer Service Agent more than anything. A customer commissions, and you create.