Supply Management Specialist

Equip troops or businesses with the materials they need to function.

What does a Supply Management Specialist do?

The title “Supply Management Specialist” can apply to two completely different jobs. The first type of Supply Management Specialist works in the military, coordinating all of the tools that a well-prepared militia needs. The other type of Supply Management Specialist works in the private sector, gathering up the raw materials needed to keep production flowing.

If these two people met one another in a bar, they might find they have nothing in common but the job title. Perhaps they’d amicably share a drink while they discussed their differences.

A military professional deals, in large part, with equipment. Tanks, airplanes, guns, and rockets must be ready at all times, but they’re often shared by many units at the same time. In this role, your job is to ensure that your group has what it needs, when it needs it. You anticipate needs, and you keep detailed records of where your equipment is located right now so you can loan it out or borrow more as needed.

In the business sector, your job is quite similar to that of a Purchasing Manager. You look closely at what raw materials your company has on hand, and you make sure to keep enough in warehouses so that production can move forward. In some companies, you manage something called the supply chain: a complex system that dictates how a product is built, assembled, stored, and shipped. Here, you work with Engineers and Production Managers, looking for ways to streamline systems, cut costs, and reduce unsold inventory stockpiles.