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Supply Controller

Control grinders and mixers to prepare ingredients for plaster wallboard.

What does a Supply Controller do?

Controls grinders, mixers, and conveyors to prepare ingredients for plaster wallboard and feed prepared ingredients into hopper of board machine: Transfers gypsum, flour, potash, soap, lime, and other materials from storage area to supply tanks, using handtruck or powered truck or conveyor. Dumps ingredients into agitator tanks according to formula to mix edge glue and soap solution. Feeds materials, in specified proportions, into machine hopper, by pump line and conveyor. Reads tank dials and flowmeters to determine reserve of materials in tanks and rate of flow of materials into machine hopper. Regulates feeders and pumps, using handtools, to ensure continuous supply of ingredients into hopper. May operate hydropulper to grind and mix paper into pulp slurry for use as additive.