Supply Chain Coordinator

Keep production rolling by monitoring and ordering supplies.

What does a Supply Chain Coordinator do?

Turning raw products into usable ones requires timing, the proper supplies, effective production systems, and efficient delivery methods. Making this process work is the bread and butter of a business. So to make sure it does, they hire a Supply Chain Coordinator.

What’s an average day like?

Your job as a Supply Chain Coordinator requires many skills, starting with an understanding of computers, particularly inventory software systems. Maintaining the proper amount of inventory is a careful balancing act-too much and it strains the budget, too little and it halts production. You understand this because you’re in charge of ordering and maintaining supplies.

The actual production is also under your supervisory thumb. Because you collect and process the orders, you understand how many widgets need to be produced. If there’s a hiccup in the production process, you make sure it is fixed.

Scheduling is another key component of your job. You set the timetables, and monitor the delivery of supplies, the production process, and shipping practices to ensure that deadlines are met.

Being a Supply Chain Coordinator requires a holistic view of the process, from handling the raw materials to the delivery of the finished product. That means that you consistently evaluate the process, including the personnel who perform the work. In some positions, you manage the production staff. It’s your responsibility to hire, train, and dismiss staff based on their performance.

Along the way, you also make sure safety regulations and industry policies are followed, and produce reports that outline the production activities for management.

Why does this job matter?

You’re a vital part of helping a product get to market. You make sure the whole production and shipping schedule moves along as smooth as butter.