Supervisor of Communications

Direct and coordinate activities concerned with acquisition of equipment.

What does a Supervisor of Communications do?

Directs and coordinates activities concerned with acquisition, installation, and maintenance of equipment in private communications system of commercial, financial, industrial, transportation firm, or public utility: Directs studies to be conducted on existing communications system and equipment, such as present and projected volume of communications, effectiveness and adequacy of system, and estimated equipment replacement and maintenance costs. Coordinates engineering studies to obtain data on new equipment and systems developments in communications field and adaptability of equipment to existing system. Analyzes reports, records, and recommendations to determine whether equipment should be repaired or replaced, additional equipment installed, or newly developed equipment acquired considering such factors as predicted volume of communications traffic, acquisition and installation costs, estimated improvement in efficiency and effectiveness of operations, and changes in operational procedures resulting from new system installation. Prepares recommendations for acquisition of newly developed, additional, or replacement equipment based on analyses for action by management. Directs preparation of, or prepares, equipment specifications and floor plans for installation in offices or departments. Contacts vendors to arrange for bids for lease or purchase of equipment. Approves acquisition and installation of equipment within limitations approved by management. Coordinates equipment installation and maintenance activities with operations to avoid disruptions in communications and ensure efficiency of operations.