Superintendent of Schools

Direct activities concerned with administration of school systems.

What does a Superintendent of Schools do?

Directs and coordinates activities concerned with administration of city, county, or other school system in accordance with board of education standards: Formulates plans and policies for educational program and submits them to school board for approval. Administers program for selection of school sites, construction of buildings, and provision of equipment and supplies. Directs preparation and presentation of school budget and determines amount of school bond issues required to finance educational program. Addresses community and civic groups to enlist their support. Interprets program and policies of school system to school personnel, to individuals and community groups, and to governmental agencies. Coordinates work of school system with related activities of other school districts and agencies. May ensure that laws applying to attendance of children at school are enforced. May supervise examining, appointing, training, and promotion of teaching personnel. May specialize in areas, such as personnel services, curriculum development, or business administration.