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Sumo Wrestler

Overpower your opponent as a member of Japan's elite sumo-athletes.

What does a Sumo Wrestler do?

Sumo Wrestlers are so much more than large men in diapers. These elite Athletes devote their lives to training, performing, and keeping old traditions alive. Matches may only take a minute to complete, but the work that goes into preparing for those matches may take decades.

As a Sumo Wrestler, you’re required to live with other Sumo Wrestlers in communal facilities. Since you’ve lived in this facility since you were a teenager, you may not miss the lack of privacy.

Early in the morning, you perform an elaborate training regimen that involves trying to push other people over while you stay upright yourself. Other Sumo Wrestlers may hit you with boards to strengthen your tummy muscles. Fancy dance steps may also be part of your workout, so you’ll learn to be light on your feet.

After training, you eat, eat, and eat some more. Your hefty weight helps you win competitions, so the more pounds you pack on, the better. After eating, you take a nap so you won’t work your muscles and burn off the calories. When you awaken, you may train a bit more or you may answer letters from your adoring fans.

If you’re new to the sumo lifestyle, however, you may fill your afternoon with unpleasant chores. As low man on the totem pole, you’re given all the tasks no one else really wants to do.

On the day of the competition, your goal is to push your opponent out of the ring or onto his back without losing your own balance. Elaborate bows are exchanged before the pushing starts. Most competitions will be over in just a few moments.