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Subway Driver

Take charge of sleek subway trains to get passengers where they need to be.

What does a Subway Driver do?

If you’ve never outgrown the passion for the sleek design, speed, and function of trains, then you should consider a job as a Subway Driver. The position of Subway Driver puts you in charge of delivering passengers to all parts of town via underground, aboveground, or even elevated subway systems.

If you’re a Subway Driver, you’re in control of the levers, gauges, and dials that launch your mammoth train down the rails, through tunnels, and across streets. It’s a good thing that you’ve taken the safety course, because you reach speeds of 60 mph! At that speed, you better be tuned in to everything that’s going on around you. After all, you’re not only in charge of an expensive train, but also the health and safety of each passenger you carry.

And each of those passengers needs to go somewhere, so they rely on you to keep the train on schedule. Whether they’re headed home from work, going to an interview, visiting the zoo, or late for a flight, you constantly watch the clock to make sure each stop is on time. Of course, it’s not always easy to maintain that schedule, so when delays happen, you keep your passengers informed through a speaker system on board.

In addition to communicating with your passengers, you’re also in touch with the Dispatchers. They’ve got your back in case of an emergency, but they’re also making sure you keep on schedule, so you radio in each time you make a stop and frequently update your location.