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Substitute Teacher

Carry out all tasks of an absent teacher.

What does a Substitute Teacher do?

A substitute teacher is a teacher who works in the absence of a regular teacher for a short period of time. You could work on a part-time basis or accept long-term openings if available. You teach lessons based on the lesson plans prepared by the full-time teacher. You accomplish all objectives and goals of the class and use instructional materials and procedures that are suitable for achieving lesson goals. A substitute teacher ensures that the classrooms are tidy with chairs and tables well arranged. You adhere to the guidelines, procedures, and policies of regular teachers.

You cultivate a sustainable relationship with pupils, parents, and school personnel by communicating in a polite, confidential, and refined manner. You may sit or stand for extensive periods of time during the day.

This position requires at least a bachelor’s degree. You may also have a certificate in teaching or substitute teaching. Your teaching abilities, communication skills, and qualifications will ensure that you perform the role of a substitute teacher successfully.