Submarine Pilot

Steer a submarine to explore the oceans or defend your country.

What does a Submarine Pilot do?

If you’re a natural-born leader who’s always wanted to explore the world but discovered you’re deathly afraid of heights, then consider a career exploring the ocean’s depths instead. Submarine Pilots plumb the deep to search for new life or protect their country against attacks. If you’re a Submarine Pilot, you explore unknown territories, give orders to a team of Officers awaiting your commands, and navigate a large vessel steadily through the water. In other words, you live a life of adventure without ever scaling a mountain or climbing into the cockpit of an airplane.

Submarines take an entire crew to operate, so you can think of yourself as an underwater Ship Captain. Your main responsibility as a Submarine Pilot is directing your crew and planning your route. Different days find you buried in different tasks, from examining all systems to ensure they’re working properly to charting your latest course to see that you stay on track.

Your employer determines the types of trips you make. If you take on work as part of a research and exploration team, you dive deep below the ocean’s surface to watch the plants and animals that live there, or navigate shipwrecks for artifacts.

Another career option involves working for the Navy. With the Navy, you devote your energy and talents to guarding your country. This entails the use of the latest in technology to prevent attacks and monitor for enemy activity.

Whichever path you choose, you travel the seas and see underwater views most people only dream of.