Stunt Pilot

Amaze the world with aeronautical acrobatics.

What does a Stunt Pilot do?

Stunt Pilots are Pilots who are trained in aerobatics, which is the practice of using aircraft to do airborne maneuvers and stunts. They’re the daredevils who wow spectators at air shows. That airplanes can fly is a miracle in and of itself. If you’ve ever been to an air show, however, you know they can do so much more, including flipping, spinning, twirling, jumping, and gliding through the sky like roaring Trapeze Artists.

When they do, it’s easy to imagine that they’re toys, being operated from the ground via remote control. In reality, though, they’re anti-gravity machines that are being flown by fearless flesh-and-blood Stunt Pilots.

As a Stunt Pilot, you might fly privately for training purposes — in the military, for instance, where aerobatics helps Fighter Pilots prepare for combat. Or, you might fly publicly for recreation, entertainment, and sport.

Usually, aerobatic maneuvers involve the horizontal or vertical rotation of an aircraft, with common “tricks” consisting of spins, loops, and rolls. Sometimes, they involve just one aircraft. Other times, however, they involve several that fly in special formations. Regardless, they often leave trails of colored smoke that emphasize the aircraft’s incredible flight path.

No matter what tricks you do or how big your flight team is, you spend the bulk of your time in the air either performing or practicing. If you’re a part-time Stunt Pilot, you do it for fun, or competitively in aerobatics competitions. If you’re a full-time Stunt Pilot, on the other hand, you do it professionally, traveling the country with the backing of a sponsor, like a NASCAR Driver does. Either way, you’re an aeronautical Magician who endeavors to be the opposite of Sir Isaac Newton!