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Stunt Driver

Do death-defying car exploits for film, TV, or commercials.

What does a Stunt Driver do?

Seeing them rip around a tight curve in a high-speed police chase or slide a motorcycle under a tractor-trailer might make you think that your favorite Actor is an incredible Driver, but the truth is more complicated than that. In reality, Stunt Drivers — not the Actors themselves — do most of the complex, dangerous moves that viewers love to see on television or movies.

As a Stunt Driver, you perform crazy feats of driving for movies, television shows, or commercials. Though cars and trucks are what you’ll often be dealing with, you can also showcase your Stunt Driver abilities using a boat, a motorcycle, or even a submarine. The Director is the one who decides what will fit best with the movie and what will get the most impressive shots.

Though on the surface, this job might just seem like straight driving with a lot of guts mixed in, there’s more than meets the eye. In reality, control is more important than guts. Being able to calmly gauge how the car is doing and make split-second decisions helps you more than a daredevil personality and raging adrenaline.

Patience is also important, as getting a shot just right can take a long time, and filming can last a full day for a shot that lasts just a few seconds. Being able to repeatedly make the same moves isn’t easy, but it lets the Director capture a variety of angles on film.

While you work, keeping safety in mind is paramount. Not only do you want to be able to walk away from that impressive car spin or boat flip, but you also want to keep those expensive vehicles intact. Often, you work with brand new cars, or even prototypes that have only one or two in existence.