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Tend equipment that force meat emulsion into casings.

What does a Stuffer do?

Tends equipment that forces meat emulsion into casings to make meat products, such as linked sausages, frankfurters, and wieners: Lifts lid from compression cylinder and shovels meat emulsion into cylinder. Tamps emulsion with shovel to remove air pockets and replaces lid. Turns valve to admit compressed air into cylinder. Slides casing over discharge nozzle and moves lever to discharge emulsion into casing. Ties knot in end of filled casing, or seals casing with clipping device to prevent loss of emulsion. May tend machine that automatically fills, links, and ties casings with wire band. May feed filled casing into linking machine. May tend stuffing machine that fills casings with bulk sausage and be designated Bulk-Sausage-Stuffing-Machine Operator.