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Studio Teacher

Provide lessons to school-age Actors right on the set.

What does a Studio Teacher do?

Young Actors may think that schoolwork is unimportant and unnecessary, especially once they’ve received their first acting paycheck. The government takes a different view, however. All young Actors are required to spend a certain amount of time in the classroom per day, and Studio Teachers supervise that classroom time.

Most Actors are enrolled in a school, and they arrive on the film set with lessons and homework. Your job as a Studio Teacher is to prepare a quiet place for them to study, and to watch over them as they complete their work. If they have questions about difficult concepts, you step in to assist.

If you’re working with students for a long period of time, you may discuss their progress with the their at-home Teachers. Sometimes, you give tests that the Teacher has developed, and you send those tests back for correction. Forming a partnership with the Actor’s at-home Teacher makes it easier to help the child with lessons.

Many states have strict laws about how children should be treated on film sets. They can’t work more than a set number of hours per day, for example, and they must be given a specific amount of time to rest. Enforcing these rules is often part of your job as a Studio Teacher, and you talk with the Assistant Director as soon as you spot a potential problem.

Additionally, you may be charged with providing parental advice and assistance, such as helping students choose healthful foods at lunchtime and keeping foul language from creeping into their vocabulary.