Studio Manager

Produce art projects and support studio efforts through marketing and project management.

What does a Studio Manager do?

If you have a passion for the arts, the career of studio manager might peak your interest! As a studio manager, you run the show in museums, galleries, and art studios in a variety of ways. Studio managers help produce art projects from photography to retouching paintings. For digital art, you could work in a number of areas such as digital photography, graphic design, and image manipulation. You might also assist with marketing efforts, administrative tasks, or art class instruction.

A studio manager is expected to be a master of your craft in the art world. You should be comfortable as a self-starter since you’ll be leading projects and staff. Communication skills are key to work well with colleagues, staff, and members of the public. Organizational and project management skills will help you achieve goals and keep track of budgets. Expertise in creative technology equipment and software such as Adobe Creative Suite is desirable.

Studio manager positions typically require bachelor’s or master’s degree in art, fine art, or a related field.