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Stucco Plasterer

Apply stucco to finish off interior or exterior walls.

What does a Stucco Plasterer do?

Stucco Plasterers are the Beauticians of home repair, taking sad, sagging homes and giving them the facelifts they need. As a Stucco Plasterer, you have the professional knowledge required for mixing, applying, decorating, and preserving a coat of interior or exterior stucco.

Applying stucco isn’t an ideal DIY project, as many homeowners soon learn when their carefully applied stucco coatings crack in the summer heat. Stucco requires two to three coats, each of which must be mixed, applied, and allowed to dry a specific way to avoid unwanted blemishes on the finished surface.

In addition to your mastery of mixing and applying basic stucco, you also have a mountain of creative tips and tricks for adding decorative finishing touches. Rakes, old towels, sand, pebbles-any interestingly textured item at your disposal-go from trash to treasure as you use them to create the lines, bumps, or swirls the homeowner desires.

Of course, even the Mona Lisa of stucco creations is worthless without the proper protection from the harsh elements. Cracks between the stucco and the home’s siding would allow water to pool up and rot it away from the inside out, while curing the stucco mix during extremely high or low temperatures would result in peeling and crumbling years before its time.

If a home wants to be the envy of the neighborhood for years to come, it needs its stucco coat applied by a professional Stucco Plasterer.