Stroboscope Operator

Verify speed of spindles on yarn twisting and spinning frames.

What does a Stroboscope Operator do?

Verifies speed of spindles and travelers on yarn twisting and spinning frames, using stroboscope, and makes minor adjustments: Turns knob to adjust stroboscope setting to spindle speed specifications. Directs stroboscope light beam onto revolving bobbin. Observes bobbin and traveler to detect illusion of movement indicating variance between spindle speed and speed setting of stroboscope. Turns knob to synchronize stroboscope light oscillations with speed of malfunctioning spindle, and records incorrect spindle speed as shown on stroboscope r.p.m. dial. Makes adjustments, such as tightening screws and removing waste from travelers. Notifies MACHINE FIXER of machines requiring repairs, such as replacement of spindles and travelers. May use twist-test machine to determine twist in yarn to verify accuracy of machine setup. May test yarn tension, using tensiometer.