Strip Tank Tender

Tend electrolytic stripping tanks.

What does a Strip Tank Tender do?

Tends electrolytic stripping tank to remove excess silver solder from brazed areas of shotgun barrels: Loads barrels in rack and immerses rack in hot cleaning solution and rinsing baths, to remove grease and dirt. Lowers rack into electrolytic tank filled with sodium cyanide solution, using chain hoist. Connects positive charge to rack and turns valves to regulate temperature and level of liquid in tank. Turns controls to set timing cycle and to regulate flow of current through solution. Returns barrels containing excess solder to tanks for additional treatment. Dips barrels in rinsing tank and immerses them in oil bath to impart rustproof coating. Tests strength of cleaning and stripping solutions, using hydrometer, and adds chemicals to solution to maintain specified concentrations.