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String Winding Machine Operator

Operate lathe-type winding machines to wind wires.

What does a String Winding Machine Operator do?

Operates lathe-type winding machine to wind wire or other materials over core of wire, nylon, or gut to make musical instrument strings: Places looped end of core over one end of machine and attaches core to other end of machine. Places spool of winding wire or nylon on spool holder and threads end through loop on core. Starts machine and guides covering material along rotating core. Stops machine and cuts covering material with shears or wirecutter. Clips one end of core with wirecutter and removes it from machine. May wind more than one strand of wire or nylon over core. May wind colored silk or rayon on string ends for trim, identification, or protection. May specialize in winding bass strings and be designated Bass-String Winder.