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String Laster

Tend battery of combination lasting and molding machines.

What does a String Laster do?

Tends battery of combination lasting and molding machines that mold rubber or plastic outsoles onto fabric, leather, or plastic uppers to make shoes: Positions upper over last with heel centered and even margin of upper around last sole, pulls string in hem tight around sole of last, and ties knot to keep it from slipping. Stretches and hooks upper over pins protruding from heel and instep of last, using claw-tipped end of lasting tool, to hold upper in place during molding. Pulls lever to turn last upper to face mold and raise shoe with newly molded sole for stripping. Places uncured rubber blank in mold, depresses pedal to lower last and close sides of mold, and sets automatic timing device for specified curing time. Strips molded shoe from last and examines sole for discoloration or softness indicative of overcuring or insufficient curing.