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Streetcar Repairer

Perform tasks to inspect and repair streetcar bodies.

What does a Streetcar Repairer do?

Performs any combination of following tasks to inspect and repair streetcar bodies, following blueprints and wiring diagrams and using handtools, power tools, and electrical test equipment: Examines car roof for wear and damage and repairs defective sections, using specified roofing material, cement, nails, and waterproof paint. Cuts sheet metal strips and bolts strips to sign frame joints, installs glass panes, and trims frayed or torn sign material to repair streetcar route signs, using handtools. Tests current continuity of car wiring, using ammeter. Engages controls to drive streetcar specified distance and pushes light and signal switches to test electrical system of car. Replaces defective wiring and insulation and tightens electrical connections, using handtools. Glues ends of window sash frames together, screws weather stripping and brass channels to frame, and installs glass panes to repair window sashes, using handtools. Unbolts defective slats from frame and front gate of lifeguard, drills boltholes in new slats and bolts slats in place, using power wrench and drill. Removes defective sandbox from beneath platform of car, fills new box with sand, and installs box on car, using handtools. Records condition of car, repairs made, and work to be performed by repair shop. May be designated according to specific activity performed as Car-Roof Repairer; Destination-Sign Repairer; Electrical Inspector; Sash Repairer; Streetcar Sandbox And Lifeguard-Unit Repairer.