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Street Vendor

Sell hot dogs, coffee, ice cream, and more from your roadside cart.

What does a Street Vendor do?

Fairy godmothers don’t exist, but if you squint, a Street Vendor with a really great hot dog at the end of a long night can seem exactly like one. As a Street Vendor, you sell food or goods like any regular business, but you do it on the move. You can use carts, bikes, or trailers to set up shop in different areas around the city.

Though you can sell just about anything, Street Vendors sell mostly food-anything from coffee to ice cream to hotdogs to fancy desserts to full meals. In fact, there is currently a street food revolution going on in cities around the country where Vendors are bringing full-on gourmet meals to the walking masses.

Whatever you decide to sell, know that you are subject to the same rules that apply to nonmoving businesses or restaurants. This means you need to obtain the correct seller permits and to pass any inspections, like those conducted by Food Safety Inspector. Many Food Vendors also cater parties or weddings, which means you need to think about getting a catering license or serving permit.

Though you have a lot of freedom in this job (literally, your office can be anywhere), it is hard work. You stand for long hours, work in small spaces, and don’t make lots of money. You have to contend with not-so-ideal working conditions (no bathroom), and work can be sporadic-crazy busy during lunch rushes and then slow-moving for the rest of the day.