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Street Sweeper Operator

Clean up the city by driving a street sweeper.

What does a Street Sweeper Operator do?

As a Street Sweeper Operator, you spend each day perched high in the cab of the street sweeper, the constant hum of the engine and the swooshing of the brushes on the street cocooning you from the world’s fast-paced chaos. Although you are fully aware of the vehicles and structures around you, you are in your own world.

Well, at least your own part of the city grid. Or perhaps you’re a Street Sweeper Operator for shopping mall parking lots, alleyways, or even the landing strip at the airport. With your assignment in hand, you fire up the engine and head to your designated area. Once there, you drop the brushes, use the controls to initiate the spin cycle, add a spray of water, and start off down the street.

Obstacles such as parked cars, garbage cans, and basketball hoops keep the job of Street Sweeper Operator interesting as you try to hug the curb. The truck sucks up the flying debris and loads it into a storage tank. When the tank is full, you dump the load and begin again where you left off. Along the way, you monitor the amount of water left in the truck, and drive to refill stations as needed.

In addition to driving, you keep careful records of your work. This includes the number of miles that you drove, how many times you had to dump the debris, and how many stops you made for water.