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Street Railway Line Installer

Install and maintain street-railway electrical and related equipment.

What does a Street Railway Line Installer do?

Installs, inspects, and maintains street-railway electrical and related equipment, such as poles, feeder cables, trolley wires and supports, and high-tension lines, following blueprints, manuals, and work orders: Replaces worn or broken poles and straightens leaning poles, securing pole in position in ground with guy wires, using block and tackle. Cuts faulty sections from overhead wires and splices in new wire, anchoring severed ends with block and tackle while new wire and splicing fixtures are being installed. Installs clinch ears that connect trolley wire to supporting cross cables, and switches that throw trolley pole from one trolley wire to another, using hammer and clinching iron. Installs running boards that carry trolley wires under overhead crossings by clamping boards to beams or girders. Strings cable from pole to pole with assistance of ground crew. Tests electrical installations, using various testing devices.