Street-Light Repairer

Test, adjust, and repair street lights and traffic signals.

What does a Street-Light Repairer do?

Tests, adjusts, and repairs mercury-vapor, fluorescent, electric-arc, or incandescent street lights and traffic signals in shop: Disassembles lamp, using handtools. Tests and examines components to determine need for repair or replacement, using electrical testing devices, such as test lamps, voltmeter, and wattmeter. Repairs or replaces broken connections, defective coils, cracked insulators, and other electrical components. Connects repaired lamp to test circuit and regulates such adjustable components as shunt coils until lamp meets operating specifications, according to electrical gauge readings, using screwdriver. Winds replacement coils on bench lathe and bakes freshly insulated coils in oven. Installs repaired lamp in outside casing or canopy.