Street Light Repairer Helper

Perform tasks concerned with maintenance of street lighting equipment.

What does a Street Light Repairer Helper do?

Performs any combination of following tasks concerned with maintenance and repair of street lighting equipment in repair shop: Dismantles outside case and lamp preparatory to testing and inspection of electrical components by STREET-LIGHT REPAIRER. Examines components for defects, such as broken connections, cracks, or excessive wear, and replaces defective parts. Cleans lamp cases, reflectors, switches, transformers, and porcelain bases, using brush and solvent. Paints cases, reflectors, and lamp components subject to corrosion, and reassembles lamp and case as directed. Solders or brazes terminals or connectors, using soldering iron or torch. Assists in testing repaired equipment. May stamp metal tags to identify equipment, using embossing machine. May salvage metal from worn out or defective parts.