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Strategic Alliances Manager

Forge profitable partnerships for businesses.

What does a Strategic Alliances Manager do?

In business, connections are key and networking is king. Strategic Alliances Managers take this belief to a whole new level because their job is based on their ability to make and keep connections.

Strategic Alliances Managers are like Matchmakers, but instead of people, they hook up companies. When you’re a Strategic Alliances Manager, you research and find potential companies who will be interested in your product, or can provide your clients with what they need. The purpose of all the work you do is to ensure that every time your client needs product X (your company’s product), they turn to you first.

Though similar to a sales position, this job is a little bit different in that you create long-lasting relationships. You can start building a relationship with a client long before you have a product that connects you. In fact, one of the necessary skills for this job is being able to identify potential relationships long before they need to exist.

You work closely with both your company’s marketing and sales departments. You create specialized advertisements to address a particular company’s needs, and keep detailed records of the effectiveness of the plan. With the sales division, you create the connections they can later use to make a sale. You keep up to date on the latest information about a product, and stay knowledgeable about what you’re trying to sell.

For this job, you really need to be able to communicate. You spend your days looking into potential clients, keeping old relationships strong, and checking in with those around you so you’re up to date on new products.